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Branching Outwards 3 of 3_signed.jpg

This collection brings together different marks, shapes and patterns that have always intrigued me and I have looked at how (if?) I can make these work together -–plaid, florals and grids. Intrigued?   

Card Design 15.jpg

I have followed on the path through which Celtic art developed - different ideas and styles were shared between different regions, and people took new motifs, forms and designs and elaborated on them to create something unique 

Soundless Voice extract - Gillian Hancey Art.jpg

This collection celebrates the beauty of our minds and our intuition and encourages us to look inward to explore hidden power and untapped potential


A painting in a coconut shell? Why not! A colourful little ornament or handy as a trinket bowel - you decide!


Small and affordable, each of these little vibrant mixed-media abstract pieces provides an uplifting pop of colour as a standalone piece, but they also look stunning as part of a set.

Finding a Way - main image - Gillian Hancey Art

This collection is fundamentally about children and their interaction with the world - they show an authentic and natural sense of wonder and magic and are captured with the sense of making a memory

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