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About this painting

Like A Way In, I wanted to try and keep this painting a little more muted/neutral in tone than previous pieces and it feels like I achieved that – looking back over the materials used, I didn’t actually reach for tubes of acrylic at all but instead created little pops of colour in more subtle ways.


I created the composition for this piece digitally by using a source photo layered with patterns from other work. The only other painting I have created in this way is To Be Enough 

This painting features lots of collage and what I really like about this medium is that it provides an opportunity to use materials that are meaningful in some way. For example, this piece features my daughter and I have stacks and stacks of papers where she has practiced letters and created drawings - it’s wonderful to be able to incorporate these into artworks! In this one, I also have some paper leftover from when I made her a doll's house , and copies of patterns and shapes from other paintings I have made so that there are links between them all. 

Growing is made from mixed media (graphite, collage, ink, Caran Da'che Neocolor II and gesso) on a 25 x 25 cm cradled wood panel, which is painted white on the sides. It is signed on the bottom right-hand corner and ready to hang.

Original painting available - £125


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