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Changing perception

We have a tendency to look for something familiar in the unknown; patterns we recognise. For example, when presented with a piece of abstract art, most people have a tendency to try and pick out something familiar in the shapes. To see things in a different (more true) way, we need to break out of our comfort zone and try to remember that often, the world is not as our brain tells us it is.

Art helps us do this - it can change our perception of the world around us. It can make reality seem better than our own eyes tell us. This can be confusing, or it can be appealing, or it can leave us a bit disturbed. It can make everyday experiences more intense or more significant, or help us make sense of something. In my collection, ‘Notice the Magic’, all the images are based on photos but I have deliberately distorted the way the images are portrayed in each case to convey my perception of this situation, and literally help the viewer ‘notice the magic’. A camera can beautifully capture a situation, a piece of art can take it to another level and tell more of the story. Another tip is to look at the titles - these may help communicate what the artist wanted to convey.

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