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Keep Questioning

Keep Questioning

This original painting is based on a photograph that caught Gillian’s eye as it embodies that natural sense of wonder that is fundamental to this collection. Gillian wanted to convey this with a feel of nostalgia and capturing a memory hence depicting the image in a slightly distorted and incomplete way. Gillian built the painting by gradually working the image into a textured underpainting of vibrant colours and pattern.  The image is painted in acrylic on a canvas which is 40 x 50cm in size. The canvas is painted on the sides, signed by Gillian Hancey on the back and in the bottom right corner and ready to hang. 


Source photo credit: Peter A Brown Jr, USA 


What do other people say?


It reminds me of childhood days filled with excitement and wonder exploring nature!

Alice Blue, Australia


You have captured that inquisitive nature and wonder and excitement”.

Rachel Davis, UK