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Let it Flourish

Let it Flourish

This strong, vibrant and colourful painting features an intense colour palette, intricate underlying textures and contrasting lines, shapes and colours. The subject of this painting is an introvert, hence why she looks away, but as with all of us she has plenty of power and potential in her mind that we don’t always see. To create this painting, Gillian started with an mixed media underpainting, added a layer of gloss gel with imprinted texture and then finished with acrylic paint. It is painted on a box canvas 18 x 24 inches in size, which is painted black on the sides and signed by Gillian Hancey in the bottom right corner, and is ready to hang.


I love this painting...It is intense, rich, blossoming, and it is great like this as it conveys a variety of emotions, sensations. [It] is authentic and original.”


I think this piece looks amazing and vibrant, there is so much richness in the colours. I instantly had a vibe of warmth and positivity.

  • Colour disclaimer

    Please note that every screen has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently, therefore it cannot be guaranteed that the colours you see on the screen accurately portray the true colours in the artwork.

  • Key information

    • FREE DELIVERY within the UK (contact me for a quote for worldwide shopping)
    • This painting is hand-signed on the front and the back
    • Only one in the world
    • Frame not included
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