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Soundless Voice

Soundless Voice


Like any of Gillian’s pieces of work, this painting doesn’t quite fit in any category. It’s a portrait but only partly; it has some recognisable elements and some more abstract features. It is rich with colour but full of muted tones. It has many different forms of line which have been used in art before but generally are not put together. This is a story of many stories: of what we know but cannot express, and what we do not even know ourselves; of what has always been there; of paths that diverging or crossed; coexistence and interactions that we were unaware of; of what happened after we moved on; what grew and developed. ‘Soundless voice’ was created with acrylic and other media. It is on a box canvas 30 x 20 inches in size, which is painted black on the sides, signed by Gillian Hancey on the back and in the bottom right corner, and is ready to hang.

  • Colour disclaimer

    Please note that every screen has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently, therefore it cannot be guaranteed that the colours you see on the screen accurately portray the true colours in the artwork.

  • Key information

    • FREE DELIVERY within the UK (contact me for a quote for worldwide shopping)
    • This painting is hand-signed on the front and the back
    • Only one in the world
    • Frame not included
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