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The Mountains You're Climbing

The Mountains You're Climbing

This colourful painting is part of a collection of works that are fundamentally about children and their interaction with the world. Each painting is based on a photo showing a moment in time and Gillian describes what draws her to particular photos “there’s something captivating about these moments that makes me want to depict them in the way I see them, with an authentic and natural sense of wonder and magic in response to parts of our world that as adults we barely notice”. These works encourage us to think about what these moments mean to the child - what are they thinking? What are they imagining? The images are conveyed with a feel of nostalgia and capturing a memory hence depicting the image in a slightly distorted and incomplete way. 

This particular image is based on a photo that Gillian took and the painting was created by first filling the canvas with pattern and colour, and a sketch of the image was then superimposed on top of this. It is painted on a box canvas 40 x 50 cm in size, which is painted on the sides and signed by Gillian Hancey in the bottom right corner, and is ready to hang.

  • Colour disclaimer

    Please note that every screen has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently, therefore it cannot be guaranteed that the colours you see on the screen accurately portray the true colours in the artwork.

  • Key information

    • FREE DELIVERY within the UK (contact me for a quote for worldwide shopping)
    • This painting is hand-signed on the front and the back
    • Only one in the world
    • Frame not included
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