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New Work

I am currently looking at what happens when you break a structure by exploring different marks, shapes and patterns that have always intrigued me and looking at how (if?) I can make these work together - plaid, knotwork, florals, grids and people.


Mini Works

Small and affordable, these pieces measure no bigger than 30 cm, Like my other work, the marks are inspired by people but the stories and experiences are expressed in a semi-abstract way.

Unseen Strength - in progress - Gillian Hancey Art

Look Within collection

This collection celebrates the beauty of our minds and our intuition and encourages us to look inward to explore hidden power and untapped potential. To celebrate this potential, these paintings all feature multiple layers with intense colour palettes and intricate underlying textures and patterns.

Notice the Magic collection

This collection of paintings are fundamentally about children and their interaction with the world. It's hard to pin-point exactly what I look for in the source images I use but there's something captivating about the moments they show and it really makes me want to depict them in the way I see them, with an authentic and natural sense of wonder and magic.

Too Crowded for Three - framed (1) - Gillian Hancey Art


“We bought this [original painting 'Learning'] to go on the landing of our newly decorated stairway and I can’t help stopping to look at it every time I pass by. It has a realy quality to it and the deep colours complement the existing decor. To know the history of how the subject was chosen also adds to the enjoyment . I love it"


"Thank you so much for the the joy you have brought to my family."

“Beautiful paintings. Love the intensity of colours as well the composition of each painting. It is very captivating or would say hypnotizing, as you could look at these paintings for a long time.”

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Gillian is best known for her vibrant, colourful paintings that are created with multiple layers, resulting in mesmerising pieces of artwork with beautiful detail and depth. She aims to create art that is uplifting and inspiring to look at, and which explores what is important to people and why. Her paintings are a narrative about people, provoking intrigue and alluding to the energy and magic that lie beneath the surface. Gillian has exhibited with THAT Gallery, an artist collective in Basingstoke, Hampshire, since 2016 and has sold over 30 original paintings and undertaken many commissions.

Paint Tubes


How does art fit into the world?

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