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About this painting

Prior to the pandemic, we were all accustomed to our own schedules and routines and, much like the regular pattern of a tartan or the intricate loops of celtic knotwork that perfectly match up, it seemed that we were in a structure that we had to just keep following. Then, that structure collapsed. We thrive on routine but it can be illuminating to break out of it and we might just find an opportunity to rebuild things in a different, better way. Life might not be as regular and as structured as before, and things might not quite match up, but these differences can be beautiful. When there are cracks in a structure, they let in the light, nature and beauty.  

‘Unravelling’ is an abstract piece of work created with acrylic, collage, watercolour and ink. It features the vibrant colour palette and grid-like structure typical of Gillian’s work. This painting is on a box canvas 50 x 40 cm in size, which is painted black on the sides, signed by Gillian Hancey on the back and in the bottom right corner, and is ready to hang.

Original painting - available (£325)

Prints - coming soon


Key information

  • Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any work

  • FREE DELIVERY within the UK (quote for worldwide shipping available on request)

  • This painting is hand-signed on the front and the back

  • Only one in the world

  • Frame not included

​Colour disclaimer

  • Please note that every screen has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently, therefore it cannot be guaranteed that the colours you see on the screen accurately portray the true colours in the artwork.

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